Discovery Platform

Innovative Therapeutic Aptamer Development Platform

Our integrated aptamer platform, including aptamer discovery and optimization, shortens the drug development period from leading compound discovery to preclinical candidate selection.
"Development of preclinical candidate within 3 years"
Based on the integrated aptamer platform, two innovative therapeutic platforms, AlloMAp and BiFAp, have been established.

Limitation of the conventional approach

Target suitability

- me-too development strategy

Physicochemical limitation of 1st generation aptamer

- Low structural diversity and affinity

Limited in vivo data accumulation

Aptamer Science's solution

Aptamer specialized for cell membrane protein
Aptamer as an allosteric modulator

Modified nucleoside with improved physicochemical properties
Multi-functional aptamer development

Aptamer Sciences’s therapeutic platform


(Allosteric Modulator Aptamer)


(Bi-Functional Aptamer)

Aptamer therapeutics

1st generation aptamer therapeutics

Marketed (2005)

Phase III (Novartis)

Low druggability due to structural limitation

2nd generation aptamer therapeutics with enhanced druggability

Enhanced target interaction with greater affinity and specificity

Improved structural stability

Large scale aptamer sequence information (Aptamer archive)

Aptamer archive structure

- More than 1000 aptamer clones for over 200 membrane proteins
- High target selectivity and affinity (Kd <20 nM)

Functional Ligand screening

- Functional classification and lead selection technology using aptamer pool with binding diversity for targets

Chemical modification for physicochemical optimization

- Optimization technology for acquiring preclinical candidates by improving druggability of aptamer lead compound