Aptamer Quantitation Technique

As aptamers are oligonucleotide molecules, they can be applied to PCR amplification and hybridization methods. Therefore, the concentration of biomarkers can be indirectly quantified by measuring the concentration of target-bound aptamers.

Our company possesses two quantitation techniques; bead microarray and multiplex PCR. Depending on the number of biomarkers that need to be detected, the quantitation technique can be selected.

Classification Bead Microarray mPCR
Detection limit 10-12~10-15M 10-18M
Number of simultaneous measurements Up to 100 targets < 5 targets
Coefficient of variation < 10% < 5%
Applications Multivariate index assay of 5 or more targets Multivariate index assay of 5 or fewer targets

Method 1. Bead Microarray

  • Luminex bead-based aptamer quantitation technology using hybridization method
  • Protein quantitation by the formation of primer-aptamer-primer(biotinylated) structure.
  • Multiplexed microsphere-based suspension array platform capable of analyzing up to 100 different targets in a single reaction vessel.
  • Suitable for measuring markers of 5 or more

Method 2. Multiplex PCR

  • Multiplex PCR-based aptamer quantitation technology using primers and probes for selective amplification
  • Excellent detection limits down to 10-18M, time-saving, and cost-effective
  • Suitable for measuring markers of 5 or less