▲ AptoDetect™-Lung

AptoDetectTM-Lung is the first in-vitro diagnostic kit for lung cancer early diagnosis approved by MFDS, also known as KFDA.

It aims to distinguish lung cancer from benign nodules in indeterminate pulmonary nodules. AptoDetectTM-Lung analyzes seven target proteins to provide a risk stratification score (high risk/ low risk) for lung cancer. Four proteins (EGFR1, MMP7, CA6, and KIT) are known to be involved in cancer growth and three proteins (CRP, C9, and SERPINA3) are known to be immune related.


  • Provides a risk stratification score level from 0 to 10 (cut-off value 5) by AptoDetect algorithm.
  • Aptamer-based bead microarray
  • Package unit: 40 or 88 test/ kit
  • KFDA (2017.09), CE (2018.08)