About Aptamer

Aptamers, also known as chemical antibodies, are short single-stranded oligonucleotide molecules that selectively bind to specific targets including proteins, peptides, and carbohydrates. Aptamers recognize and bind targets by a 3-dimensional structure, while antibodies recognize linear epitopes of the targets. Since they are chemically synthesized, the process can simply be scaled-up, there are low batch-to-batch variation and high stability. Besides, the production of the aptamer is fast and cost-effective. Aptamers are highly safe biomaterials with no reported in vivo immunogenicity.

Characteristic Composition Nucleic Acid (ss DNA/RNA)
Epitopes 3D-structural interactions
Size Small size ~20kDa
Immunogenicity No Immunogenicity
Discovery Target Various small molecules including proteins
Discovery time 6~8 weeks
Production Production Chemical synthesis
Storage Store at any temperature
Characteristic Composition Protein
Epitopes Linear epitope of target
Size Large size ~150kDa
Immunogenicity High incidence of immunogenicity
Discovery Target Protein antigen
Discovery time Several months
Production Production Biological production
Storage Store at 4°C ~ -20°C