Aptamer Services

With an extensive line of services to support your projects,
Aptsci is the best choice for high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing / collaborating options for your research programs.
We can meet to customer’s (unmet) needs with many kinds of our Aptamer Services as below.

Aptamer Synthesis Service

Our synthesis service provides aptamers of our Aptamer Archive with various modifications.

Aptamer Discovery Service

Our discovery service provides customized aptamers for new targets
through our cutting-edge SELEX platform technology.

Aptamer Synthesis Service

We provide aptamers with lots of validated DNA aptamers (see Aptamer Archive). We are closely managing and providing these aptamers
to researchers based on SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) since 2011 when Aptsci was established.

Aptamer Synthesis has the following advantages.

Custom aptamer synthesis of
Aptamer Archive with high quality

Provision of various labeled aptamers:
5’-end, 3’-end and even internal positions of aptamers during synthesis with Biotin, Thiol, Amine, Fluorescent dyes, etc.

A wide range of synthesis experience
and strictly quality control
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us and we will answer them in more detail.

Aptamer synthesis and QC procedure





Quality Control


Aptamer Discovery Service

See below the general process of aptamer discovery, describing advantages of our services.
You can get outstanding results you’ve never experienced before.
- High success rate for target proteins
- Aptamer with high specificity and binding affinity
- Short discovery period: within 8 weeks
If you couldn’t find aptamers which you are interested in Aptamer Archive,
please inquiry to discover aptamers for target molecules.

Aptamer discovery procedure

Dual Selection


(2 Weeks)

Pool Binding Assay


(2 Weeks)



(2 Weeks)



(1 Week)



(2 Weeks)

Optimization services

We provide the following services to customers who have development needs for aptamer applications.
Click below titles, if you want to utilize either below services or other services.

There are various feasible ways to engineer aptamers with extended bioavailability (e.g., stability and binding affinity in complex environments), regulating ability,
and multi-functional properties. Substitution of 2’-Ome, Fluoro RNA for
nucleotides at 5’-end, 3’-end and internal positions of aptamer and bulk moiety conjugation such as PEG, fatty acid, etc. at 5’-end
of aptamer offer advantages in high serum stability from nucleases and long retention time from renal clearance.

Full form of aptamer can be reduced except for the necessary binding sequence through secondary structure analysis.
The binding affinity of truncated aptamer can be equal or high binding. Truncated aptamer reduces synthesis price.

Labeling of aptamer are much easier than the manipulation of antibodies,
so a various labeling groups can be incorporated chemically into aptamer. Fluorescent dyes, thiol, biotin, amine idT and etc.
can be directly attached to aptamer at either or both 5'-end, 3'-end and even internal positions of aptamers during synthesis.

Aptamers have many attributes that make them suitable for target validation.
Aptsci provides a various of aptamers, from agonist, antagonist, sensitizer, to neutral binder.

All the components necessary to develop the most appropriate assay for your research of interest
are available from Aptsci with our custom solutions. Let us take the hassle out of your hands with a custom solution for you.