02MOU with NEURMEDY for Parkinson’s disease diagnosis & treatment
04Selected by MOHW(Non-clinical developement of an insulin receptor-targeted anti-diabetic drug)


01Selected by KDDF (Preclinical development of diabetes treatment)
05MOU with EONE medical foundation for aptamer technology-based diagnosis


04~07Invested by VC, including Korea investment partners ($9.8 B)
05ISO13485 approval for the manufacturing facility (AptoDetectTM-Lung)
06Selected as an innovation R&D project by SMBA (Development of rapid Multivariate Index Diagnostics technology for diabetic retinopathy using aptamer)
08CE approval for Lung cancer diagnostic kit (AptoDetectTM-Lung)
09MTA with Novo Nordisk for evaluation of new diabetes allosteric substance
11Partnership with BGT in China (AptoDetectTM-Lung)
MOU with Hanlim pharmaceutical company for development of macular degeneration treatment


09Manufacturing class III medical device approval from ministry of food and drug safety (AptoDetectTM-Lung)


01GMP certificate for in vitro diagnostic class III medical device (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
05~06VC investment, including Korea investment partners ($7.1 B)
07Corp Research Institute relocation (Seoul University Bundang Hospita Healthcare Innovation Park)
Approved as InnoBiz (SMBA)
12Selected by KDDF (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)


06Selected as a start-up growth project by SMBA (Norovirus rapid detection method)
07Licensing product for medical device manufacturing and lung cancer IVD export (KFDA)


03Project from Ministry of Health and Welfare (Influenza virus diagnosis)
06Secured 6 oversea partners for research reagent business (USA, Europe, Japan, etc.)
09Opening of diagnostic laboratory in Seoul Asan Hospital, clinical development for lung cancer IVD Kit
10MOU with BIC in China (Developed local business partners in China)


06Selected as a start-up growth project by SMBA (Cancer and vascular endothelial cell separation kit)
09Research collaboration with SKT (Development of lung cancer IVD Kit for Chinese market)
10MOU with SKT for commercialization of early lung cancer diagnostic kit


03Invested by POSCO ($2M)


04Aptamer sciences Inc. was founded
05Approved as venture company
06Licensing agreement for the aptamer technology (POSTECH)
Invested by POSTECH Industry-Academic Cooperation Group
Development partnership with Novartis for the discovery of therapeutic aptamer
07Approved as Corp Research Institute
11Selected as a start-up growth project by SMBA (Pull-down assay kit development)